Cutting-edge software solutions:

Smart sensors for robotics applications

3D reconstruction and interpretation of sensory data



FlexSight is an cutting-edge startup operating in the fields of smart sensors for robotics applications, 3D reconstruction and interpretation of sensory data.

FlexSight was founded as a follow-up of an European project that involved Italian companies operating in robotics and computer vision and Sapienza University of Rome.

FlexSight can provide effective software solutions in:

3D reconstruction of environments

image and point cloud interpretation,

autonomous navigation of mobile robots

guidance of anthropomorphic robots

It has recently launched two integrated smart RGB-D sensor prototypes, already used within real applications. It is also actively working on the prototyping of custom sensors for 3D reconstruction and autonomous navigation in industrial and logistic environments.


Alberto Pretto
Charter Member and Former CEO at FlexSight, Ph.D. in Information Engineering. He has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of robotics and artificial vision. He is also co-author of over 40 works in these fields in major scientific journals and conferences.
Marco Imperoli
Marco Imperoli
CTO at FlexSight, Ph.D. in Engineering in Computer Science. His main research and professional topics focus on machine vision, 3D reconstruction and pattern matching for robotics.
Daniele Evangelista
Daniele Evangelista
CEO at FlexSight, Ph.D. Student in Information Engineering. His main research topics are machine learning applied to perception, in particular on methods based on deep learning for object detection and recognition in industrial settings.
Nicola Carlon
Nicola Carlon
Industrialization expert, Master of Engineering in Computer Science, he is specialized in computer vision. He has been working for 8 years in the field of industrial robotics, designing vision systems and software.
Stefano Tonello
Stefano Tonello
Sales and management consultant at FlexSight. More than 15 years of experience in company management in the industrial robotics and machine vision sector.
Irene Pagello
Irene Pagello
IT + Robotics srl administrative manager for 15 years.


Planning, design and development

FlexSight designs and implements artificial vision and autonomous perception solutions, with a special focus on embedded systems.

Such solutions mainly address industrial automation and logistics processes, in particular where anthropomorphic robots and autonomous vehicles are used in environments shared with human operators, or in cooperative robotics applications.

To this end, our solutions are designed to guarantee a high level of integration and safety for the operators involved in the processes.

The strengths of FlexSight are represented by:

the strong scientific background in the fields of artificial vision and autonomous robotics

the quality of the software modules developed in house

that allow to provide the customers with highly reliable products at an affordable cost.


All-In-One devices for intelligent perception: from data to result

FlexSight develops integrated sensor systems capable of providing high-level perception skills to manipulators or autonomous mobile platforms.

These skills include:

to detect and locate objects and obstacles

to estimate motions in the working environment

build the 3D reconstructions of the surrounding environment


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