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Fast end-to-end 3D scanning and printing system of orthopedic casts


To offer the best alternative to traditional plaster, PlayCast and FlexSight combine to create the best scanning system in the service of orthopedics. Accurate, faithful and instantaneous scans are processed by software that creates a custom 3D printed plaster or tuctor, revolutionizing what has been used since 1851.

Lightness, breathability, water and sweat resistance are just some of the features of PlayCast, which would not be so easy to achieve without the experience of FlexSight on instantaneous and accurate 3D reconstructions.

The collaboration gave rise to E-Cast, a project led by FlexSight, which aims to further improve the technology behind the PlayCast system, focusing mainly on scanning. E- Cast’s interface is a fully developed in-house 3D scanner that provides instant 3D reconstructions of patient body parts to be treated. Particular attention has been given to the scanner calibration which, when made autonomous,eliminates human errors and increases accuracy to submillimetric levels. Moreover, through the development of ad- hoc 3D modeling algorithms, the complete automation of the entire process that leads to the realization of PlayCast is achieved: greater simplicity of the whole system, both for technicians and patients. With one click from the scan to the printed 3D model! In fact, medical centers will be able to treat their patients even more effectively, more easily and at lower cost. At the same time, patients will have a more comfortable PlayCast available in even more places.


This project has received funding from DIGI-B-CUBE voucher framework which has been supported by the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824920.

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